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My art book in the making

Recently, my daughter Eriko gifted me with an art book. After years of anticipation, I was happy to receive a gift of such extent seeing that I’ve always planned on having one done. The book was independently published, designed and written with an interesting introductory essay by my daughter chronicling my life and art career from her critical perspective as an artist in coincidence with the political evolution of Mongolia.

I’ve posted some pictures of the book contents below for your interest. I see this book as a first step in a long process, but its off to a good start. I plan to continue my book journey and ultimately acquire sponsorship and professional publishing in the next few years.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of Tsogtsaikhan Mijid: A Look Into Contemporary Mongolian Art, please email your request to tsogo_baja@yahoo.com or fill out a contact sheet here.

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