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“Tsogo Mijid: A Retrospective 1999-2019″ Upcoming Final Art Exhibition @ Pirate Contemporary Art Gallery

TSOGO MIJID: A Retrospective 1999—2019

Mongolia / Denver

[Denver, Colorado, November 2019]  Tsogo Mijid, a local Colorado Mongolian artist will have a major exhibition of his work to date at Pirate: Contemporary Art gallery—curated by Eriko Tsogo, his twenty-year retrospective art show will feature a prolific multidisciplinary oeuvre, carefully selected works from 1999-2019 featuring mix of paintings, drawings, and mixed media works of the artist’s career since his immigration from Mongolia to residency in Colorado.

Tsogo Mijid: A Retrospective” is set to open Friday, November 29th, 2019 at Denver’s Pirate: Contemporary Art gallery with Opening Reception on Friday, December 6th, 2019 from 6—9pm. Tsogo’s art show will feature new paintings and the release of his art book, which spans the artist’s career from early traditional Mongolian folk art through his iconic public sculptures, interactive installations and large-scale contemporary neo-folk abstract paintings.

Tsogo Mijid was born and raised in the heart of the luminous mountains of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. His artistic talents proved uninhibited from a young age while growing up in a society of parallel dysfunctions amid a conflicting period when strong cultural censorship and Communist idealism took place.

Tsogo has had numerous solo and select group exhibitions in Mongolia, Hungary, Germany, Russia and the United States. His artworks owned by noble peace prize laureate the 14th Dalai Lama and the Denver Art Museum Asian Art Collection, with permanent installations at The Denver Zoo and Meow Wolf Denver upcoming in 2020. Tsogo remains one of the few affluent Mongolian artists in the world to follow in the ancient art of the Mongolian Tsam Mask making tradition.

At once painfully personal and daringly public – the oeuvre of Tsogo’s artworks are imbued with theoretical concepts and ideas, providing a window into the private struggle and personal achievements of the artists life as an artist, father and immigrant fraught with endurance, fight and survival.

Tsogo’s “Tulga” public sculpture at Ulaanbaatar Park in Lowry launched him to international stardom in 2009. His sculpture remains an iconic symbol and celebration of Mongolian immigrants in America. Tsogo’s retrospective exhibition represents the pinnacle of the artist’s career in America, offering a glimpse into his history and the history of the Mongolian American immigrant experience within the multicultural context of the Colorado / Mongolian cultural connection as evidenced through the evolution of his artworks over time.

Over the course of his thirty-five year career, Tsogo’s commitment to creating powerful images of the marginal persons life is unwavering. Having lived an interesting life through various political systems in many different countries, Tsogo remains a versatile artist whose different art practices continues to reflect his migratory experiences. Using his virtuoso skills as Mongolian folk art draftsman, Thangkha Buddhist scroll painter, and Abstract Expressionist, Tsogo developed his style and approach over time to address shifting concerns and new audiences. In each of the cities in which he lived over the course of his career—Mongolia, Ukraine, Hungary and, finally, Denver—Tsogo continues to be a key figure within his dual vibrant Colorado and Mongolian communities.

TSOGO MIJID: A Retrospective 1999—2019 is sponsored by the Mongolian Culture and Heritage Center of Colorado, BD’s Mongolian Grill and The Denver Zoo.

Show Runs: November 29 – December 15, 2019

Opening Reception: Friday December 6, 2019 | 6—10pm

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